Frequently Asked Questions for Universities

What types of universities participate?

Largely Carnegie Research Extensive and Research Intensive universities.

What is the benefit?

Membership provides an opportunity to strengthen relationships with industry and research laboratories, to increase student diversity and quality, and to strengthen mentorship and financial-support systems.

What is the university commitment?

NPSC university members who accept NPSC Fellows agree to cover the fellow's tuition and fees for up to six years.

Is there a membership fee?


Do NPSC Fellows receive special consideration in admissions?

No. An NPSC member university processes and reviews each student application using its own criteria.

How does the process work?

Using brochures, posters, presentations, this web site, etc., NPSC publicizes the program and recruits applicants from leading universities nationwide.
Students submit their applications to the NPSC between August and November.
Early in the calendar year, NPSC member employers review student applications and select the students whom they wish to sponsor as NPSC Fellows.
Applicants are typically notified in mid-March, but sometimes later if the employer selection process is slowed for some reason.
At the start of the fellowship, the employer pays its annual sponsorship directly to NPSC who then transmit the payment to the university.

May NPSC Fellows hold teaching and research assistantships?

Yes, although NPSC Fellows should have sufficient time for their studies and research.

Who are the potential fellows?

Potential NPSC Fellows are top students in science, mathematics, and engineering from universities throughout the nation. The program places special emphasis on recruiting minority and female students.

May universities purchase the applicant list?

Yes. NPSC University Members can purchase the list for an annual fee. After September 1, university members may contact NPSC at (800) 854-NPSC or at to place an order for the applicant list. It will be available in early December.