University Commitment

NPSC member universities process and review each student applicant using their own criteria. It is entirely up to the university and department whether to admit and accept an NPSC fellow student. Each new NPSC Fellow is to contact the department(s) to which the Fellow applied to advise the department of receipt of the NPSC Fellowship. In addition, the new NPSC Fellow should notify the department that the NPSC sponsoring employer will provide an expense allowance of $20,000 annually for the duration of the fellowship.

University members of NPSC have agreed in writing to cover the tuition and fees of NPSC fellows. The procedures for covering or waiving an NPSC fellow's tuition and fees are an internal university or department matter. The graduate department is encouraged to augment the NPSC stipend and many do. NPSC fellows may hold teaching or research assistantships as recommended by their graduate department.