Information for Recommenders

Use a word processor, then copy and paste your text into the online NPSC Recommendation. Please do not use special characters or any characters created with option keys. Punctuation marks such as apostrophes and quotation marks do not always transfer correctly. After you paste, the Internet text may look like a continuous string of text and not show the paragraph breaks, but they are present, so there is no need to edit for paragraph breaks.

Also Note: In NPSC's experience, in almost every case where a recommender has difficulty filling out the online form, the problem turns out to be an outdated browser. Please make sure that you have the latest version of your browser. Thank you.

After completing the recommendation, the option buttons are "Save" and "Submit Completed Form." If you are ready for final processing click on the "Submit Completed Form." The recommendation will be scanned for completeness and the program will advise you of discrepancies or notes you should be aware of.

If all is well this process automatically sends your final updates and codes to the NPSC database as a completed electronic recommendation. If you wish, you may then print a copy of your recommendation for your files .

You will not be able to re-enter your recommendation and make modifications. If you do need to change your recommendation, call the NPSC office at (800) 854-6772 or email to request your recommendation be unlocked. You will then be required to make your corrections and repeat the guidance above for finalizing the online recommendation.

Deadline for recommendation submission:
December 5.