Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

Why do employers participate?

NPSC partners recognize the importance of joining together with academia to increase the number of qualified, U.S.-citizen scientists in the physical sciences and related engineering fields. Many of our members are particularly interested in our program because of its emphasis on recruiting an applicant pool of top minority and female STEM students. The summer internship increases the likelihood of future employment.

Who are the current employer-members?

See Partners.

What is the commitment of a company or agency?

Companies and agencies which become NPSC members pay no membership fee and have no obligation to support any particular number of fellows. At its discretion, an employer may decide not to take any fellows in a given year. But once an employer has asked NPSC to make an award offer and a student accepts the offer, the employer is expected to provide an annual expense allowance of $20,000 and NPSC's overhead fee of $6,000 for that fellow, for the length of time specified in the fellow's award letter. The employer also agrees to provide one or two summers of paid internship plus round-trip travel. Also see the Employer Commitment page.

Which universities participate?

See here for the current list.

May employers sponsor several fellows at a time?

Yes, most do.

How does the process work?

Using brochures, posters, presentations, this web site, etc., NPSC publicizes the program and recruits applicants nationwide.
Students submit their applications to the NPSC between August and November. Early in the calendar year, NPSC member employers review student applications and select the students whom they wish to sponsor as NPSC Fellows.
Applicants typically are notified in mid-March.
At the start of the fellowship, the employer pays its annual sponsorship directly to NPSC who then transmits the payment the university.

Is there a post-graduate employment requirement?

There can be, at the discretion of the employer.