Benefits for Employers

NPSC provides industries and laboratories an excellent opportunity to spot outstanding scientific talent early and to begin to develop a relationship with top students. By sponsoring an NPSC fellow, an employer helps an American citizen to receive a graduate degree in science, thereby fostering an important national goal. In addition, through NPSC membership, sponsoring employers may return their own employees to academia for graduate degree work and opportunities for professional advancement. An added benefit is the ability of NPSC to link employers with more than 100 prominent U.S. universities for potential collaborative research.

Summer internships and a strong mentoring program allow employers to build the relationship further. As mentors, the employer and the university in which the Fellow is enrolled work together in a close, supportive environment.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from membership in the NPSC program, please call the NPSC Executive Director at (213) 821-2409, or send an email to When ready, complete and return to NPSC the
Employer Letter of Intent.