NPSC Diversity and Talent

A nation that fails to take advantage of the talents of all its citizens undermines national competitiveness and denies those excluded the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. As shown below, in spite of our best efforts, America continues to fall short of achieving diversity in STEM fields.

The National Physical Science Consortium (NPSC) was founded in 1989 "To increase the number of American citizens with graduate degrees in STEM fields, emphasizing recruitment of a diverse applicant pool." Since inception, 425 NPSC fellows have received graduate degrees. NPSC's record of gender and ethnic diversity is well above national STEM levels and as good or better than any national fellowship program. (Data Sources: NSF)

NPSC vs. National Diversity


NPSC's Rainbow Coalition


NPSC Diversity vs. NSF GRFP


Selected NPSC Alumni

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NPSC Fellow Dr. Catherine Beni
Youngest person to receive a PhD from the California Institute of Technology

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NPSC Fellow Dr. Tamara Kolda
Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories.
See here for video of a talk Dr. Kolda gave at SIAM.

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Dr. Sandra Lee, Senior Research Scientist
Merck Research Laboratories

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Dr. Stephanie Land, Research Associate Professor
Director, ReSET Center, Department of Biostatistics
Graduate School of Public Health NSABP and University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

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Dr. John Cavazos
Assistant Professor of Computer & Info. Sciences
University of Delaware

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Dr. Kimberly Weems
Associate Professor of Statistics
North Carolina State

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Dr. Eric Pierce
Staff Scientist
Environmental Science Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Dr. Matt Borselli
Senior Research Staff Physicist
HRL Laboratories

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Dr. Rachel Kurtz
Product Research Developer

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Dr. Carlos Valdez
Research Scientist
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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Dr. Alicia Abella
Executive Director of Technical Research

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Dr. Jakita Thomas
Service Design
IBM Research

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Dr. Brent Lagesse
Research Scientist
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Dr. Amelia Estwick receives her hood at
George Washington University
Dept. of Defense Research Analyst

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Dr. Michelle Ghrist
Professor of Mathematics
U.S. Airforce Academy
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Dr. Madeline Lu
Johnson & Johnson HQ
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Dr. Praveen Bommannavar
Twitter, Inc.
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Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green
Assistant Professor
Morehouse School of Medicine Department of Physiology
See profile article here.
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Dr. Michael King
Postdoctoral Fellow, Sandia National Laboratory
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Dr. Kerri Blobaum
Materials Scientist
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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Dr. Michelle Gervasio
Assistant Professor of Engineering
Sweet Briar College