Allowance Letter

NPSC must receive your Student Status Report and Allowance Request before it can release funds to the university for distribution to you. This means that you must complete the form, obtain your advisor's signature, and return the form to the contact person before NPSC can issue your allowance check. The contact person will then submit the form to NPSC. Typically, the allowance distribution dates from NPSC to the University are as follows: 8/15, 12/1, 3/1, 6/1. A status report is required for all but the 8/15 distribution. NPSC will email you approximately one month prior to when the form will be due (consider this letter notification for the 12/1 distribution date). Allowances for the quarterly Billing Period are one-quarter of the allowance amount for the year.

Billing Periods:
9/1 - 11/30 (no status report required)
12/1 - 2/28
3/1 - 5/31
6/1 - 8/31

The Student Status Report and Request for Funds form may be downloaded at
this link. NPSC will accept either paper or electronic submission as long as the submission includes an electronic signature trail. That is, there must be a distinct electronic signature from the student, advisor and financial point of contact. NPSC reserves the right to request a paper submission of the form if the electronic signature trail is not clearly indicated.

In addition, NPSC requires a transcript at the end of each quarter or semester grade reporting period. The transcript should be sent to NPSC separately from the Student Status Report and Allowance Request form. If NPSC does not receive a transcript on time, it will not be able to transfer funds on time. NPSC will email periodic reminders of this requirement, but it is the fellow's responsibility to ensure a transcript copy is sent to NPSC.