Apply at the link on the home page.

Contact NPSC Tech Support at 800-854-6772 if you have questions.

Once you submit your application you will not be able to reenter your application and make modifications; if you do need to change your application, call the NPSC office or email via the message center.

NPSC requires a minimum of three to a maximum of five letters of recommendation from professionals: professors and employers familiar with your work in your discipline. If at all possible, at least one letter should be from someone who has observed or supervised your participation in research. Provide your NPSC recommendation forms to your recommenders as early as possible. We suggest you provide your recommenders with a narrative of what you accomplished in class or employment with accompanying grades, research results, etc.

GRE Scores
Go to the
GRE Web site or call (609) 771-7670. Request that your GRE scores be sent to NPSC at code R4417. Try your best to meet the NPSC November 30 deadline. Have your scores sent as soon as possible.

In addition to the required official GRE scores from ETS, we suggest that you fax a copy of your score card to NPSC at (213)-821-6329. This will help to ensure that NPSC has your GRE scores when the review process begins.