Preparing to Apply

You can prepare to complete the NPSC application by having at hand the following information and materials:
  • Institutions of higher education from which you have received or will receive a degree: Name of institution and address; dates attended, date graduated, major, overall GPA, GPA in major, and GPA Scale of Institution.
  • Employment History (Maximum of three professional positions): Dates from and to, employer's name, employer's address, supervisor's name, supervisor's title, your title, reason for leaving, and a brief description of duties. Discuss any research projects in which you participated and your role.
  • Professional or Technical References (minimum of three maximum of five): Begin thinking of the professors and employers who will give you a recommendation. Discuss with them the importance of a good evaluation and ask whether they will write such an evaluation for you. Once you enter your recommenders in the application they will receive an email about how to enter their recommendation.
  • Scholarships, honors and awards you have received: title, date, and from which organization
  • Publications, presentations, poster sessions, etc., created or presented by you: (use standard bibliography format)
  • Research Experience: Include on-campus research with a faculty member, summer research institutes, and other experiences outside of course work. Include a paragraph on each describing the nature of research, your role, and whether you presented or published. This is an especially important part of the application.
  • Personal statement and professional goals: Explain why you want to go to graduate school, what are your expectations regarding the NPSC and its mentoring support, what will be your graduate program, etc.